Uncle Bob's Top 11 Captions of 2011

Art by Brian Zaikowski

Tanya Amberson - Hey, let's play Charades!

Art by Brian Zaikowski

Tanya Amberson - I've taken the beer and the TV remote hostage. Here's my list of demands if you ever want to see them again.

Art by Brian Zaikowski

Jimmy Preston - They're depressed... they wiki'd bacon.

Art by Christian Bogle

Ian Williams - Honey, I think we should stop seeing each other.

Art by Christian Bogle

Amy - I can spot an impostor a mile away and you, ma'am, are no lady!

Art by Christian Bogle

Avis Rawlinson - Alvin suddenly had the urge to see what he'd look like after a "fluff" cycle.

Art by Christian Bogle

Dustin Gettel - Most entomologists agree that the ladybug's eventual global domination started with the introduction of the Cosby sweater.

Art by Christian Bogle

Gayle Williams - Your hair is fine. Come on! We're gonna be late for the tournament!

Art by Mark Anderson Cartoons

Linda Kennedy - Johnny, yes it is true that you shouldn't get in trouble for something you didn't do.... but that simply doesn't apply to homework assignments.

Art by Jeff McPherson

Michael Alpiner - Clyde accepts his $10 Starbucks gift card at the HumorQ awards ceremony.

Art by Paul Kinsella

ROSE - Every morning Stuart walked to the end of the island in hopes of finding a cello.

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